21 March 2018

Spring is here ….. on my head and I love love love it!! My hairline is sprouting …. oh joy! Meterological spring seems to be delayed though…. it is freezing at -2 degrees…. brrrr!

Effortlessly I manage to look after Leo all day…. due to the Kindergarten strike he joins me with the running mums for a light workout and coffee, we run some errands and I really enjoy the quality time with him…. and spoil him, yes, but that is ok and it is something I sometimes do now since my diagnosis. It is probably to compensate for not being there for my kids 100%, but today I feel my strongest I have been since months, not only physically, but also mentally. The feeling that you are not able to look after your kids properly is the worst. Surely I always wanted to look after them, but would quickly get annoyed and exhausted….. a terribly frustrating experience, but being weak and thin skinned does not go well with kids below the ages of four 😉 I am over the moon that I notice these improvements…. surely I am not there yet, but I am grateful for every step I take towards a stronger and healthier me!

Getting undressed for the shower, I notice that the bleeding of my sutures increased. I try to not move my arm too much for the rest of the day and hope it was just a one off.

We have tickets for the Fireman Sam Show and drive to Leverkusen with Leo’s nursery friends Carla, Hannes & Henri – it is amazing and yes, I buy stupid and overpriced merchandise, but today this all feels right and my boy is very happy.

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