22 March 2018

I do not regret at all that I did a lot yesterday, but I pay the price today.... I want my old me back!! My breast hurts, there are blood strains on my T-Shirt and I am exhausted and cry a little. Today marks six weeks past chemo and I have to appreciate the improvements... Continue Reading →

21 March 2018

Spring is here ..... on my head and I love love love it!! My hairline is sprouting .... oh joy! Meterological spring seems to be delayed though.... it is freezing at -2 degrees.... brrrr! Effortlessly I manage to look after Leo all day.... due to the Kindergarten strike he joins me with the running mums... Continue Reading →

20 March 2018

Hmmm.... waking up, I am a bit scared and sad. Why?!? It is the first time during my cancer journey that something is not going according to plan apart from missing two chemos due to pneumonia, but that does not really count, as I still caught up with my schedule. I don't really have to... Continue Reading →

19 March 2018

One more night like this one and I gonna jump out of the window.... Leo is fine during the day, but cries and screams during the night coughing away. My poor baby .... and poor me!! I am on my way to Prof. Dr. Breidenbach's practice to get a referral to Haus LebensWert and look... Continue Reading →

18 March 2018

Hair update - I trim my stubbles again and notice that there is a faint shadow of regrowth along my hairline.....This is exactly my reason for continuously shaving since December. I have hair, I have regrowth, but to date there was no hairline or if anything a rather receding one with bald patches. When I... Continue Reading →

17 March 2018p

Happy St. Patrick's Day! What will I do to celebrate?!? Nothing.... my energy to celebrate goes as far as making a green smoothy bowl 🙄 I wonder, if I will ever have more energy.... yes, I know I will, but it feels very surreal today and I wonder what my life after cancer will be... Continue Reading →

16 March 2018

No pathological results before Monday, but I am too busy to think about it (much).... what are the consequences, if there are still cancer cells in the tissue, which was removed during the operation? I have no idea... would another operation be sufficient or would I even face further chemo? I have no clue, but... Continue Reading →

15 March 2018

Did I mention that my last brave eyelash went to unicorn heaven?!? There is a full army of little stubbles ready to grow strong though and since I could not really put mascara on one eyelash anyway, I am not really in mourning 😉 Other bodyparts are not developing as well - I flipped up... Continue Reading →

14 March 2018

A bit of gentle Running Mamas training and endless coffees at Klee'snack is the right thing to start this bright sunny day. I am however, a bit anxious to hear from Prof. Dr. Breidenbach regarding the pathology results.....but no info today, so I will see what tomorrow will bring. Menopause is a subject the Fuck... Continue Reading →

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