15 March 2018

Did I mention that my last brave eyelash went to unicorn heaven?!? There is a full army of little stubbles ready to grow strong though and since I could not really put mascara on one eyelash anyway, I am not really in mourning 😉

Other bodyparts are not developing as well – I flipped up my big toe nail by accident and there is no new one underneath….ahhhhh!

Today I call Prof. Dr. Breidenbach’s practice and find out that my results are not ready yet. Oh well, but I got news from Haus Lebenswert, that she can refer me to the psycho oncology as my post oncological doctor and hopefully I can start a music therapy then …… I find it unbelievable that psychological help is not automatically provided when one is battling cancer, but apparently the topic is on the political agenda…. I really hope so for future patients, as this is a struggle that could clearly be avoided and I feel the emotional impact is by far more dramatic than the physical (well, that depends of course, but at least for me).

Simone and I spend most of the day on her big green couch and attempt to make green smoothly bowls …. I have to breg about the wonderful taste and beautiful composition, but would not consider a food blogging career yet 😉

I pick up Mia and spend some much needed quality time with her and her buddy Max at Café Klein Berlin with waffles, milkfoam and icecream and buy a cute little summer dress for her at the new retro shop Annika & Tommy. It is amazing that I can already have a girly afternoon with my not even two-year-old….

I am exhausted, but manage to activate the last bit of energy to dance with the kids to Disco Partizani after dinner – they love this since Nina introduced it ….. thanks Nina 😉 Markus will go to his sports and for me it will be an early night again 😴

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