16 March 2018

No pathological results before Monday, but I am too busy to think about it (much)…. what are the consequences, if there are still cancer cells in the tissue, which was removed during the operation? I have no idea… would another operation be sufficient or would I even face further chemo? I have no clue, but Prof. Dr. Breidenbach will call me on Monday!

Monday is tumor conference, which takes place on a regular basis. All parties involved in treating the cancer patients in the area meet to discuss progress and next steps. It is reassuring that they exchange informations and plan the further course of action.

I let Leo stay at home, as he is not fit today, we colour Easter eggs and play, he is at his best behavior at physio and we go for some ice cream. Lucia from the ice cream parlour is a breast cancer survivor, who just moved to Cologne from Italy. Yes, the cancer stories are everywhere, but you cannot see them. Talking about it raises awareness and I am happy that people approach me with their stories once they see my bald head ❤️

Little did I know in the morning that our household aid would call in sick and I have to handle the kids all day…. it does not help that it is raining cats and dogs! Leo and I are drenched after riding home and my energy lasts until I return from picking up Mia, while it is still pouring down and yes, I am still soaking wet, but Markus is working from home and can finish work earlier to help me! Thanks!

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