17 March 2018p

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! What will I do to celebrate?!? Nothing…. my energy to celebrate goes as far as making a green smoothy bowl 🙄

I wonder, if I will ever have more energy…. yes, I know I will, but it feels very surreal today and I wonder what my life after cancer will be like. Some people expect everything to be the same, but I am not the same person and the former life does not fit anymore. I don’t need to change everything though…. it is like a shoe, which is now too small – it’s not that I don’t like the style anymore, it is just a bit too tight in places. Shall I get it a size bigger or go for a completely different style altogether?!? I will just see, as time passes – next step: Radiation!

In hospital I started to write my story, but I am not even at 2.000 words yet 😂 this will be a long way, but I will write a bit more next week and try to make it a regular habit 😉

I spend the day with the kids and cycle with them threw snowy Cologne…. first to meet Jana & her family, run some errands, and visit Lea & her family for lunch…. without gloves – jeeeeeez, is there any need for these temperatures in March?!?! My hands are almost falling off!! Once Mia is awake, we are all meeting Simone & her family for ice cream at Eis Engeln….. just to make a point 😉 and I will have a quiet evening to recover, while Markus will go out with his friends.

Beteilige dich an der Unterhaltung

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  1. Ich habe dich eine starke und lebensbejahende Person kennengelernt und ich bin sicher, dass du auch nach Abschluss der Behandlungen ein paar tolle und passende Schuhe für dich finden wirst in denen du künftig durch das Leben gehen wirst!!

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