18 March 2018

Hair update – I trim my stubbles again and notice that there is a faint shadow of regrowth along my hairline…..This is exactly my reason for continuously shaving since December. I have hair, I have regrowth, but to date there was no hairline or if anything a rather receding one with bald patches. When I lost my hair, it started on the top of my head behind my hairline and it would be natural to think that it comes back in reverse order, but it does not work this way and from what I can see, it is different for every single chemo buddy anyway 😉 Hello hairline, my old friend ❤️

It’s a dream come true! Today I booked tickets for Legoland Germany – now that I have kids, I finally have an excuse to go there …. whoohooo. We use it as a stopover on our way down to the south next week, where I book a hotel in Sölden, Austria. Our holiday is overlapping with my cousin Sylvie and her family’s for a few days and even if I can only ski a little bit, I can at least see them and their friends and the mountains and the fresh air are worth it! To be on the safe side, I did inform the insurance company that I am leaving Germany for a few days 😉

My energy levels are still low and I am a bit impatient, as I do not have enough energy for a full weekend with my kids….. I know, I know, but it is the way I feel and yet I am proud that I still manage most of it and will try to relax tomorrow. The weekends are so tough for me, as I am around the kids all day, but Sunday was quiet and apart from a walk through the Botanical Gardens and a bike trip with Leo to the fleamarket & Jakob’s, we chillaxed.

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