13 March 2018

Hmmmm…. how did I gain weight in hospital?!? Nevermind! Yesterday I treated myself to a pair of Doc Martens…. delayed by more than 20 years. I wanted to buy some, when I was young and had saved the money, but was told that I was too fat for Docs…. apart from the fact that I was not fat at all, how can you be too fat for shoes?!? Nonsense!! I finally made my point and bought them regardless or precisely because I am a bit heavier right now and love them 😀 …. I guess I should not carry any baseball bats in the near future though, just to be on the safe side 😂.

I am spending the late morning in Cafe Pause and finally catch up with Maja. We are highly motivated to declutter our life and order Marie Kondō’s book Magic Cleaning in our bookshop. Well, buying the book just adds volume to the unread selection growing on the shelf above my bed, but who knows…. we run some errands (my new boots are pictured with the best fruit & veg lady in town – my friend Tatjana Böhmer) and after a quick visit at Hannah’s, who is stuck at home with sick kids, I have to go to a school info meeting. School?!?!? Yep, Leo is only three, but being born a few days prior to the cut off date, he will start school at five! Only two years of Kindergarten left 😢

I am on my way to the cancer event at the Institute for Intuition and only find out half way there that the evening has been cancelled 🙄, but since Christina lives around the corner, my aura will spend the evening with her and a glass of wine instead 😉

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