12 March 2018

Thank you for the flowers – I have no idea who sent them, but I appreciate it a lot ❤️

It is a bright and sunny day and I meet chemo buddy Katja for a chat and coffee prior to our gyn appointments, which we scheduled ages ago to make sure we meet again. Katja tells me a bit about radiation and apparently one spends max. 15 minutes there at a time. The rehab is scheduled by the radiology specialist, who does the radiation therapy, as there are certain deadlines, which I have to follow. The application for rehab needs to be sent at least four weeks prior to the end of therapy, which is pretty much the at the start of radiation. I then need to be in rehab within four weeks after the last radiation session, which does not leave much leeway, but I will wait until I am there for the first time…

Today, I am very clear, like I have not been for weeks. It is my first day without pain killers and I am absolutely fine. Calm, rested, in the here and now. I will try to carry this into my daily life and tomorrow I start planning my little daily routines around physio and doctor appointments. I can see yet another psycho oncologist, need to call Haus Lebenswert to check on the music therapy and was invited to some cancer evening tomorrow at the Institute for Intuition ….. shall sort my chakras and give some neutral feedback regarding the dreadful aura reading experience 😂

Today, I use my energy after my gyn appointment to stroll around town, bump into my former colleague Frank at Kitti Chai having lunch and use the last of my energy for a playground trip with Anja and the kids. If there was any energy left, I would try one armed yoga tonight….. but instead I shave my head, paint some eyebrows and am off to bed. Exhausted, but happy!

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