11 March 2018

I am on the phone and suddenly Prof. Dr. Warm enters my room. It is Saturday evening – I am well impressed! He says he could not sleep, if he did not check and promises to inform Prof. Dr. Breidenbach that I am behaving myself 😉 …. did I mention that she sent a What’s App Friday evening? I am so lucky with my doctors – not only professionally they are experts in their field, but they are approachable, empathetic and seem to really care!

Claudia and I have a sneaky champagne at night and chat away. What a nice evening and what do I feel?!?! Eyelash stubbles!! Whooohooo!!! One long eyelash is left on each side and I am somehow thinking of two unicorns…. go you little stubbles – I can see you already and I will pamper and nourish you 🎉

One of the night nurses is a Reiki Master, gives recommendations on supplements and does a little Reiki session with me while I fall asleep.

Today I am going home despite my green, yellow and black breast, which is due to some bleeding, but nothing to worry about. The bruises on my hand are getting better and the cut from the port removal is healing quite nicely.

I feel jolly, put make-up on and paint my finger nails for the first time since chemo – we are both ready! Claudia and I have a last coffee and we will try to get similar radiation times for lunch dates.

Outlook – the pathologist results and the opening of the new Thai in Nippes are scheduled for Wednesday, Tumor conference is next Monday and then I will get an idea of the when, how, etc. In the meantime I am planning a family skiing holiday, a trip to Munich in May and to Berlin in June and I hope it all falls nicely into place around my radiation and rehab 😉

Beteilige dich an der Unterhaltung

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  1. Liebe Alex, ich freue mich wirklich sehr, zu lesen, dass alles soweit gut verlaufen ist. Dann kann ich meine, derweil ordentlich zerquetschten, Daumen nun beruhigt eine Pause gönnen :o)
    hug you! Sonja

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