31 March 2018

One thing I learned during my journey, is to listen to my body and therefore I am resting today! Just a little trip with Markus and the kids to the ski rental place to fit Mia with some gear, sitting around in ski club, while the kids play and getting the Easter stuff ready are the most action I get all day 😉

Meditation is something I have not managed to do for a while and I start meditating again …. I need to find more options how to do it while being with the kids….maybe using my headphones while Mia is sleeping?!? I find it impossible to find a quiet gap during the day, but there surely must be a way for a little ten minute time out, when you have kids around you 24/7. I don’t count being away from them, as I do not see myself meditating on the streets, but maybe I should get used to that?? I don’t consider evenings either, as I am exhausted by the time they sleep and often fall asleep shortly afterwards 😉. I will try different things and am very motivated….any recommendations are highly appreciated!

My hair, my hair, my hair…. lashes and brows….have a look at this even regrowth – I am well impressed and keep touching the little soft plum ❤️ bye bye receding hairline!

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