1 April 2018

Happy Easter – find some eggs and check your yourself, as it is the first!

By 8:00am Mia is already throwing up from too much chocolate…. what a start to Easter Sunday 😉 but it turns out to be a really nice day! Markus and I even ski together and a snow storm makes me realize that I suddenly have lots of plum on my face …. yet any hair is appreciated and hopefully this will go again and reappear on my head…. I wonder if the hair inside my nostrils is back yet?!?

My thoughts are with Amy for the rest of the day though. I know Amy only via Insta, she is Canadian living in the UK and she has terminal bowel cancer. A SIRT treatment was her last chance and everyone donated within 24 hours to make it possible for her to have it and then it wasn’t an option any more!! I read on Facebook while Mia is napping that her cancer has further spread and she is going to her local hospice now…..This really breaks my heart and shows how unfair cancer is – I hate you! Amy is such a wonderful and positive person, beautiful inside and out and such an inspiration, but despite the fact that this makes life and treatment easier, it does not mean that you beat the beast! What helps is to detect it early, but there is still no guaranteed cure…. not yet! My love goes to Amy and her family today!

Enjoy Easter, tell anyone you love that you love them and make the most of every single day ❤️

The sun is out and I am going for a final ski run now, while it is Markus turn to look after the kids! Skiing is for me like meditation – it takes my mind off things and the mountains and the snow make me happy. I can forget about everything and anything, feel free and alive! No worries – I have been skiing for about fourty years now and despite the fact that I am not the best skier, I ski quite effortlessly, take it easy and therefore it is relaxation rather than exercise. It gives me strength and happy moments for the next steps ahead 😉

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