29 March 2018

The first day skiing – not for Mia and me though and it makes me sad, but the bed was blood stained and I need to take it easy, which pays off, as there is no new blood for the rest of the day… the weather isn’t that nice anyway 😉

My cousin Sylvie, who is here until Saturday, comes to join me with the kids as Leo does his first runs in Ski Club, which gives Markus a chance to hit the slopes. Mia wants to ski so badly, but is not even two and not allowed in Ski Club. I need to get some baby skies for her tomorrow! Sylvie helps to motivate Leo and we have lunch with her. She is a gem and when I am back at the hotel I am ok to stay with the kids by myself…. how naiv! I cannot lift anything, let alone a kid and they know that.

Since I have left hospital, they are great and well aware that I am handicapped! „Mama, does not work arm, right?!“ is Mia’s mantra lately, they walk by themselves, pull themselves up into the bike seat (with little assistance 😉), climb up anywhere to get their diapers changed, etc., but I still lifted them a bit with the right arm and assisted with the left, which I have now stopped altogether. As a consequence, I do not manage to get Mia to sleep today, while Leo is here and I feel like such a failure…. I call Markus to pick up Leo for Skiclub and he quickly puts Mia to bed, while I keep Leo next door. It makes me feel dreadful – I want to be fit again, I want to be physically strong again for my kids, I want to cuddle them again without protecting my breast, want to wildly romp around with them, be a dragon, a race driver and Penny from Fireman Sam, do „Boing Boing“ with Mia and be their strong lion mum and I want it now! Hmmm….

Tomorrow Leo should be fine in Ski Club by himself and Mia will have her first day in Ski Kindergarten, which will hopefully make it all easier 😉

Hotel Bruno is great and the location is ideal for us – ski club, kindergarten, lift, slopes, ski rental, restaurants, aprés ski, etc. is all next door and an elevator to bring us downtown…. very convenient, as there is no need to use the car at all and halfboard means that we have a carefree life and we have a separate bedroom and living room, which makes it easier with the kids….we decided already to come back next year, but this evening we will use our car to visit Sylvie and her family and friends 🤗

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