28 August 2017

I have breakfast with the Moms and the first day EVER with both kids, Leo and Mia, in Kindergarten, when I remember to make an appointment with Dr. Rix!

Though I say that I will see her Wednesday, I change it last minute, drop the kids with our neighbour Pam and rush downtown.

„Oh, you stopped breastfeeding only two weeks ago….probably just a cyst, we do an ultrasound“ …. and this is when I realize that something is wrong. Despite the fact that this black lump could apparently be anything, Dr. Rix picks up the phone, gets a bit hectic and tells me to wait outside. I get an appointment to see Prof. Dr. Breidenbach the next day! The way she wishes me all the best worries me!

I pick up the kids and take them to Ben‘s for a swim.

I am worried, but try to keep calm – this could be anything – but bringing the kids to bed, I start crying!IMG_3349

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