29 August 2017

Lea is looking after the kids and I rush to Prof. Dr. Breidenbach.

She tells me that she will do a punch biopsy, where a needle takes 5 samples out of the lump and that I will get the results two days later. While looking at the ultrasound, I tell her that I just stopped breast feeding… she asks how old my kids are – „1 and 2“ and she looks shocked and is suddenly a bit hectic:  „well, I will try to get the results by tomorrow, I know you are waiting for this and I will personally call you“.

I sit down and she says „I do not like it, it is at least 2cms big and I hope I am wrong, but if this is cancer, you will face Chemo and an operation“! Bam! Mammography and results on Thursday! „Can I still go to my yoga retreat Friday-Sunday?“ – „by all means, if this is cancer, we will not start until Monday!“

I am worried now, but’s till try to calm myself down as nothing has been confirmed….

I get emotional, when bringing the kids to bed 😢

So far I only share this with my brother and two close friends.


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