31 August 2017

It is my cousin Sylvie‘s daughter Jule‘s 1st day in school! I join the ceremony and rush to mammography before the lunch with the family!

Even before the mammography, Kindergarten call us that I need to pick up Leo, as he has some little pox! Well i am at the doctor‘s and need a while…

I push a little bit, they quickly do the mammography and Dr. Scherer asks me in: „If it is what I think it is, I hope you will get some support with your children to only concentrate on you and your health“

I am sent downstairs to Prof. Dr. Breidenbach‘s practice to get my results, but they say that it will end at least another 30 minutes….. I call Kindergarten and actually have to cry… they keep Leo for lunch and I get a Soya Latte and a Müsli – did not even have breakfast!

Another doctor gets me in, tells me that it is cancer and unfortunately a very aggressive form (G3, very fast growing, happy to build metastasis)…. there are still some other pathological results outstanding, which will probably be there on Monday and Prof. Dr. Breidenbach will call me on Friday! Wham! I shed a few tears!

I pick up Leo, call my cousin that he is ill and I won’t be there for lunch and call my brother, my friends and my partner Markus.

Well, it is what it is… My boss boss Alexander calls me to join a client meeting on September 9th, so I tell him (I was supposed to be still on materity leave until September 14th) and I call my boss Steffen as well.

Markus comes home early and takes Leo to the doctors… I pick up Mia and decide to go to the family BBQ anyway.

After the kids go to bed, I tell my family and after getting home, I call my Mom!

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