1 September 2017

I am on my bike dropping off Mia, when Prof. Dr. Breidenbach calls…I should see her on Monday, Tuesday I have appointments at the hospital in Holweide (there is a breastcancer center and she cooperates with them), operation for chemo port and sentinel removal is Thursday.

I take the train to my yoga retreat at Diemelsee (Hotel Göbel) with Sandra and stop in Meschede to see my parents and nephews.

I have now informed most of my friends, colleagues, What’s App groups, etc., spend most of the day with this and the feedback is overwhelming.

Did leave my favourite jacket on the train, but hey, maybe they will find it… Silke picks me up at the trainstation and we navigate through the remote countryside trying to find the hotel.

I tell Sandra straight away about the cancer, enjoy the first session, get a massage and finsih the day with Yoga Nidra – the yoga sleep… Silke joins me and is deep asleep even before Sandra finshes the instructions ….hahaha!



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