27 October 2017

Infusion and injection day at the chemo center. It is the last one of the post chemo shots I get, as it is no longer needed with the next cycle… whoohhooo!

I am spending more than two hours there though, as there are two public holidays coming up next week and everyone needs their stuff beforehand.

Well, the next cylce of chemos will be weekly now – only one poison and five drugs – should take a good three hours to run through. Need to now put a special nail polish on „Sililevo“ to save the nails and will get cooling gloves during the chemo to lessen the numb feeling in my fingers. It starts 9th November and I am hoping to be fit enough 11th to celebrate Karneval!!?!??

The last chemo date will be 25th of January, if all goes well and I am planning to go on a trip in the snow and trip in the sun…. Should I be fit enough! But I need something to look forward to to get me going.

Nurse Fassbender say that I have done really well so far and asks about my feelings, if I am thin-skinned now and I tell her that it is not the physical aspect, which is so hard, but the emotional bit – yes, thin-skinned absolutely, light tempered, restless, extremely emotional and sensitive …. I often don’t recognise myself and today is one of these days again! Wanted to meet Lars today, but had to cancel…See, if some fresh air will help 😉


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