23 October 2017

It is the big day, where Prof. Dr. Breidenbach checks the tumor! She says that Katja told her already that I am doing really well and honestly, I feel the best I have ever felt since starting chemo. I tell her that I the only side I underestimate is the emotional side, but that it... Continue Reading →

22 October 2017

It is raining and dreadful and I am glad Lea and I are going to the sauna that afternoon. This is a whole new experience, as people stare a little bit. Due to the time of the year I hardly run around without a head, but here I do and Lea is having a baby... Continue Reading →

21 October 2017

Oh, bliss! I can stay in bed with a newspaper and a coffee.... Actually I have been thinking to go public with my story! There is this enormous feedback from all different kind of people that I inspire them to hang up their hang ups, to get on with life, check their breasts, go to... Continue Reading →

20 October 2017

Both kids in Kindergarten... I am ready to live again and meet first Susanne - she is my age and reckons that the emotional termoil might have been caused by chemo, but that we are certainly of THAT age now....I then see Simone for a coffee and Maja for lunch... I don't know what was... Continue Reading →

19 October 2017

I take Leo and mom to a farm, as it is a beautiful day and I need to get back by lunchtime my blood test. Well, whatever I am doing is working well - my blood results are almost as good as when I started chemo... iron levels are low - hence I am so... Continue Reading →

18 October 2017

Mia is back in Kindergarten ... Halleluja! My school friend Birgit and her family from Switzerland visit for a coffee before they are off to France and Leo comes along with me to LaufMamaLauf. It is pumpkin training day and he gets a little pumpkin, but has absolutely no joy joining us. I do win... Continue Reading →

17 October 2017

Just need to get out for an hour... Anja and Markus are looking after the kids and I make sure Maja is doing a good job in the garden 😉

16 October 2017

I give up - we have to pick up Leo in the early afternoon! He cannot eat nor drink....ohhh noooooo! Both kids are crying, but at least they can drink milk... please that this week be over!!! Today is the first time I go to yoga again since my operation and I love it. I... Continue Reading →

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