21 October 2017

Oh, bliss! I can stay in bed with a newspaper and a coffee….

Actually I have been thinking to go public with my story! There is this enormous feedback from all different kind of people that I inspire them to hang up their hang ups, to get on with life, check their breasts, go to the doctors, etc. and if it is only a few I can reach, I feel that I could do something good with this whole cancer thing.

Micky and Christina suggest blogging, but I am scared that all the text is just boring. Nick suggests a blog with a picture for each day and that is it!! I am also quite impressed that he wants to do a portrait series of breast cancer patients (he is a photographer). I am all motivated ready to start it! Feeling all young and hip, being a blogger now 😉

Thank you Tatjana Böhmer for giving me these yummy yummy strawberries 🙂


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