20 October 2017

Both kids in Kindergarten… I am ready to live again and meet first Susanne – she is my age and reckons that the emotional termoil might have been caused by chemo, but that we are certainly of THAT age now….I then see Simone for a coffee and Maja for lunch…

I don’t know what was the motivator to do this today, but I pick Leo up from music school and we meet Mia and Markus in a shoe shop…. after both of them scream and cry the entire time, I am soooo fed up with everything and go home. It is Anja’s last day already and we quickly say good bye before we go flying our kite…. another idiot idea, but it was a helpless try to make the kids try those shoes and we have to do it now ….ahhhh!

Tonight is my night out – I meet Christina early for Sushi, we go to a cocktail bar with a guy and his gitarre, who give a very little private concert and end up in the ABS around the corner from Christina’s, as I want one glas of wine. There is a basement and there is 90s music … „do you want to dance?“… oh sure I do – we dance the night away and I feel alive – I have not been doing this for ever and it feels soooo goood!

I cannot believe I am only in bed by 4am…Jesus, this was needed so much!! Thank you, Christina!

This is how my godchild and nephew Finn, 8, pictures god 😉 CHECK!

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