23 October 2017

It is the big day, where Prof. Dr. Breidenbach checks the tumor!

She says that Katja told her already that I am doing really well and honestly, I feel the best I have ever felt since starting chemo. I tell her that I the only side I underestimate is the emotional side, but that it is probably normal to question one’s entire life …“everyone is different“!

„how many ECs did you have now?“ three – „Wow, you look really well considering that!“

She goes on to check the tumor with the ultrasound and says that it shrank from 2 cms to 6mm and is extremely pleased. „This is not at all the breast I got to know!“ what a thing to say?! There is still a bit of sore liquid at the sentinels, but all is fine! „Your wounds are even healing during chemo – this is amazing!“

I am very happy and we sit down again! „We shall continue the chemo course as planned!“ What a pity, I thought she might shorten it a bit, but maybe next time…

She states that we might actually keep the breast, that there is an option, but that I will have a say in this. I tell her that I will face the subject operation after the chemo is over, but it is good to know that there suddenly is an option again.

During the breast cancer day, a subject was that a lot of women want the breast removed and even remove the other breast in order to have less worries. It is in most of the cases complete pointless to do that. I tell her as well, that they removed the breast of a friend’s mother and afterwards the pathologist said that the tumor was benign….I shall consider all the options – after chemo! For now I am happy happy happy with the results!

I see my colleagues at HRG and they actually found out, where I go for yoga massage , all chipped in and give me a voucher – I am really touched!

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