29 October 2017

I could sleep all day! I am still happy to be in Frankfurt and I do not mind that Anne’s kids join me then sofa in the morning, but I am soooo tired! Markus is looking after my kids at home and he is doing a really good job! Thank you!

I am really sad though, as my eyelashes and eyebrows continue to fall out… The hair is something I did worry about less, but eyelashes and eyebrows really shape a face and I am worried what it will look and feel like. Another problem is that the whole body dries out with chemo… the skin, the eyes, the sinuses, the throat, everything… every time I ride the bike, my eyes are burning, but yet again, chemo nurse has a solution and tells me to wear glasses when I ride the bike. I keep forgetting, but shall do that next time! In the meantime I drink tons of water, which also helps to drain the poison out of your body a bit faster without decreasing the effects 😉

I am thinking that a yoga retreat in India or Indonesia might just be the right thing to look forward to after chemo. I shall ask Prof. Dr. Breitenbach, if that will be ok. I will probably blend in quite well without hair 🙏


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