30 October 2017

Thank you, daylight saving!!! I have been up with the kids since 5:15 am! It has actually been great to spend a bit more time with them ❤️

Having dropped of Leo, I have like 1000 things to do before meeting my psycho lady at lunchtime 😉

I am still coping with the emotional side effects from chemo. Dropping off yet another sick notice, my colleague Jacqueline says that it was the same for her during chemo. Therefore I am not going mad… The psychologist says that this process is actually a huge chance and that I will be a different person at the end and more with me…. Despite the fact that I sometimes feel that there are too many emotions to cope with by myself, it is the best to do this on my own and I am determined to do so.

I got the ok to travel after chemo and I am looking forward to skiing with the kids and to doing yoga in India or Indonesia. This will keep me going for the next 14 weeks and I got quite a few compliments today how much it suits me to have no hair…

Leo asked what I do at Yoga tonight 😂

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