10 February 2018

I was so upset yesterday, disappointed, tired, hurt and all the hassle with the insurance company, who on top of all decided to send me a registered letter to confirm that they are cancelling all support, while I am out of Germany. I am fine though – I am honestly beyond caring, but this was not what I needed after chemo. The next bomb that exploded was the news that my company will be taken over by Amex, which will be interesting …..I clean myself up and what a difference a bit of make-up can make 😉

I join Sylvie in the Oellig pub – I love Karneval …. but I take it easy, do not sing too loud to save my lungs, have no alcohol and leave early! I will meet my friend Hera next week in Singapore and who do I bump into on the street?!? Three of her kids ❤️ I have not seen them for ages and am thrilled!

Today my brother and his kids are arriving from Munich and we might go to one of the smaller parades in our hood, but we will take it easy. Karneval celebrations are lasting until Tuesday night and it is the best time of the year and I am happy I can join in a little bit!

I should probably start thinking about what to pack for my trip, but then again…. I probably don’t need much anyway 😉



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