11 February 2018

I am sooo exhausted, but it was actually Markus, who went out and I was in bed early 😉…. yet, I take it easy today after getting up with the kids! No need to be ill again and Karneval with all the crowds and everyone kissing each other, is the worst time of the year anyway!

It is Karneval parade in Niehl today and since Nina & Stefan live en route, they invited a few people for a pre parade soup & drinks get together… just my thing and having a place, where you can use the loo and warm up or rest in between is priceless…. Dress up, make-up, off we go!

During Karneval, chemo looks are actually really handy… no worries about make-up in the hair line or any hairline at all …. no worries about hair not fitting under my wig, no need to hide eyebrows 😜


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