19 August 2018

My heart cannot take any more positive moments, love and happiness – what an amazing weekend!

I manage to do the Spiritual Sunday meditation with Laura Malina Seiler – a Live Session at 9:00am every Sunday and today all about gratitude! What am I grateful for?!? This – the here and now – the events, the charities and organizations (Blogger4Charity, Stiftung für Junge Erwachsene mit Krebs, DKMS LIFE, Kooperationsgemeinschaft Mammographie, only to name a few), who make a difference exceeding expectations with selfless enthusiasm and all the Instafriends, who I finally meet in reality!

I am heading to the Riogrande Restaurant on the banks of the river Spree. It is sunny, warm and I start crying as I descent to the beautifully decorated location decorated with their motto #gibachtaufdich – #takecareofyourself and seeing the MammoMädels and some of the Insta bloggers in real life!

We were invited to this kick off event to raise awareness of the screening programme and self care…. you will hear more during the breast cancer month October, but for now, please look after yourselves and follow these amazing ladies, so we can spread the word! You know yourself best and don’t let anyone brush you off, when you feel that something is wrong – it’s your health, your body and your life! Insist to be checked properly! Listen to your body, to your needs and your heart and do whatever is good for you! When was the last time you treated yourself to something? Fully enjoyed a moment?

That is what I am doing now – I am on the train to the Mecklenburg Lake District, where my family is waiting for me and I will be offline for a few days…. digital detox!

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