18 August 2018

🎵🎶Berlin, Berlin – we’re going to Berlin🎶🎵…. it is my second Blogger4Charity event and I am full of love and happy moments.

I arrive a little early and scroll through Rudi-Duschke-Strasse, where I spent so many days in our HRG office during my regular business trips…. I see the Turkish grocery guy stacking the water melons as he always did, the little coffeeshop we used to grab a quick lunch, the tourists running to Checkpoint Charly and I think about my working life, which seems so far away, while I sip a coffee and enjoy a little quietness before the event!

My trip down memory lane comes to an end and suddenly I am in the here and now and in the middle of all these people in EWerk, who I mostly only know from Instagram…. surreal, magic, emotional and so tiring! It is great to see the familiar faces from the last event in Düsseldorf and they exceeded expectations! Blogger4charity have created this wonderful event in this cool location with so much attention to detail and so much love – they do all of it voluntarily, work endless hours and all the money raised goes to the following charities: DKMS LIFE and the Stiftung für junge Erwachsene mit Krebs, who are all doing great jobs and are definitely worthwhile supporting! There is a tattoo artist, you have little workshops, merchandizing, giveaways & little shops, make-up booths, varieté artists, amazing music acts and food & drinks!

I am done, have a bite to eat and some wine in my MotelOne before the craziness continues tomorrow, when I meet the MammoMädels and if there is any energy left, I will watch some TV, which I think I have not done since last year 😂

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