27 August 2018

Coffee is my remedy…. I love coffee! Not just the coffee itself, but the mood around it! Coffee let’s me sit down, I smell it, nip the foam, take the first zip and breath. I can drink it alone or with company and my coffee dates are like therapy for me….

It is the first day past our vacation, it is hectic, Markus is at the doctors and I need forever to drop the kids off. But I manage it and there are no tears and I see my psycho oncologist…. without breakfast and without coffee! But I have my coffee now – with fresh orange juice and a Müsli in Café Krümel ….. ahhhh! Life is beautiful and I enjoy my little time out before I get some groceries and face the mess and to do list at home…. or maybe I just mediate and sleep, when I get home 😉

I sit there, at a small table on the pavement outside the little café, a cool breeze let’s me shiver, which is something I am not used to any more… I wear closed shoes for the first time since week, as we are having this amazing summer…. it will be warm again in a couple of days, it is sunny! I sit quietly and watch the people – a young mother is passing by on her bike, talking to the kids in the bike trailer and next to me a group of international students is planning a trip to Spain, while the pensioners at the traffic light chat about their last vacation…..and I wonder, if I will ever manage a normal life again…. I get stressed with little things I would normally not even think about…. and I mean little!

But for now, I get my book out and have another coffee! Enjoy your Monday!

Fun fact – little Bennet sees me for the first time with hair…. „hey, you have hair again – last time you looked like Valdemort“ oh, thanks – I guess that was a compliment 😂 Now that makes up for my post chemo and post holiday excess weight of meanwhile 10 kgs 😳

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