17 February 2018

Bali – finally!! I have been waiting for this since October…. it was my goal after chemo! I never knew, if I would be fit enough to go, if I would actually go, but it kept me going…. I have been to many countries working on the ships and being a happy traveller, but Bali is somewhere I have never been.

„Just one person?“ The driver is sweet, but makes me cry right away! I have travelled my times by myself….Maybe I am overly tired, but I cannot stop crying and talking about my cancer I cry even more…. poor chap… it is a bit too much for him, but I cannot help it and half way to Canggu I am ok again 😉

The place is even better than on AirBnB and I have two beers on the terrace outside my little hut and love it, while I catch up with family & friends. There is a little river purling next to me and I am embedded in a little chirring jungle – what a peaceful place.

I have a restless sleep, wake up early and I am not happy – what is wrong with me?!? After breakfast and mediation on my little patio, I go to the beach…. it looked a bit closer on the map, but I make it and watch the surfers…. maybe I can try it? Have not done it since 2004 in Costa Rica! After 2pm the sea shall be calmer, as it’s low tide and until then I relax a bit in the Old Man’s bar on the sofas and go online to speak with the kids a few times (poor Leo has a fever & vomited 😢), chat with Nick and read…. yep – I can read again …. whooohoooo – and recharge my batteries!

I am happy, despite the fact that I should stay out of the sun post chemo and because I am super pale, which limits the possibilities a bit…. actually a lot, but I try to make the best out of it and give myself credit for having already avoided the lunchtime sun … and the surf guys promise to give me extra sun blog 😎 It is 2pm it gets a bit cloudy – thank heaven for that – and off I go! Two tries, I don’t get beyond kneeling and have no energy left 😂…. but at least I tried! The clouds stay and I am thankful, as I can stay on the beach now, get a massage, read, watch the sunset with a beer and a spicy corn on the cob and only have to run, when it starts raining….what a perfect day!

I met this Australian guy two nights ago, who lives in Singapore and has been many times to Bali …. he suddenly had this glow in his eyes talking about Ubud, the rice fields and the calm and magic this place holds – I am certain that this was the best choice to go there next. Healing, cleansing, recovering – bring it on 😉 I will have the full enchilada, but first I have one more night in Canguu at Suparna’s place, before I meet Silke tomorrow and we make our way to Ubud🙏

Healthy tan? No… orange sun block 😂…. last time I looked like that it was Karneval 🎉

Beteilige dich an der Unterhaltung

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  1. Das ist einfach Wahnsinn. Auch mein Ziel ist es nach dem Abschluss der Chemo wieder nach Bali zu reisen. War bereits einige Male dort und es ist so ein wunderschöner und entschleunigender Ort! Ich bin gespannt wie es weiter geht…. Ich lese dann mal direkt die nächsten Beiträge 🙂

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