18 February 2018

Anticipating that I would wake up early, I had the naive idea of going surfing at 7am, when it is low tide 😂

The sun shines through the gaps between the wooden planks of my little hut. I feel happy and full of energy. It is past 9am and I have not slept this long for a while….. normally Mia is up between 6 and 7… and this is why I am here, even though I miss them a lot!

We try to talk every day, they send me pictures and videos, I do the same and with the Tonies Box I can tell them a good night story, which they can listen to while I am already asleep ❤️ I make them up every day, as I go along – It is the story about a little mouse and a little bear travelling, which is my way of sharing some of my experiences with them…. In Ubud I don’t want to be online too much and generally don’t like it that WiFi exists practically everywhere, but now I am happy about it, as I can stay in touch with the kids.

By the time I have breakfast, meditate, chat to Suparna and get ready, it is almost time to leave – therefore I relax, read and enjoy the peace and quietness of this place before making my way to the airport to meet Silke.

Missing chemo side effects – I did not have any nose bleeds since arriving in Bali 😀, my mind is calmer today, I can read a whole chapter almost at once, my nails seem to grow faster, my hair growth seems a bit more even (watch the space …. I am monitoring it very closely 😉), joint pains are less – the warm weather helps I guess …. cannot wait for the blown up face and body to get better though (maybe the heat does not help here), but I am happy about the things that have improved!

I meet Silke at the airport and thankfully there is WiFi, so while I talk to the kids, I somehow miss her and she calls me. Off we go to Ubud. Silke and I use the long drive for a catch-up and time flies. On the busy mainroad, there is a little gateway, which could easily be missed and a narrow road leads to this little paradise. From reception you descend to the restaurant and rooms. We are in the middle of a little jungle, right next to the pool ….. I am one happy girl! Ubud – we will check you out later and go for a swim now 😎

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