19 February 2018

One side effect of chemo is menopause. Even if artificial, it comes with the same side effects – hot flashes and I have them all the time….not that it isn’t hot enough here 😉 on a positive note – the humidity is wonderful for my dry sinuses, which are no longer dry 😀!

In Ubud almost everything is vegan, but dinner was delicious ….. a lot of cancer patients try to go for a healthier diet after their diagnosis or when in remission. I think I could easily go vegan and I would not miss anything, as I already drink no milk and am not the biggest cheese or meat fan and I am a happy to go vegan while here, but it would be too stressful at home 😉 There is however no alcohol at the …. and we decide to have a beer on our terrasse at the Desak Putu Putera Cottages.

This has not happened for a while, but I am awake during the night 🙄 I thought that would be better by now…. oh well, I was told that the chemo fun would last for a while….

I love going for a swim before breakfast – pure bliss! Today our spiritual awakening starts with a Yin Yoga session with Denise at the Yoga Barn 😉 – it is a very gentle yoga, just what the beaten chemo body can do and now I can braid my toes …. what is your superpower?!? We basically spend the whole day at the Yoga Barn, with lots of vegan food and drinks, do the Crystal Bowl Meditation and finish with Yin Yoga Healing with Carin with the patter of the rain a very peaceful experience🙏

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