20 February 2018

It’s Silke’s Birthday and we start the day celebrating Bali style – with Bintang beer after yet another excellent vegan dinner at Sayuri Healing Food….

Meditation and yoga are something that really helped me during the chemo months. Not only physically, but also emotionally and this is why I am here now – meditation & yoga!

This morning I am crying during Yin Yoga with Levi, but I get calmer as I go along. He tells me about his Sharmanic Breathing class the next day and I will give it a try!

The center of our days is the Yoga Barn and we meet people from all over the world, but have enough time for ourselves. We are actually being asked twice today, if we are sisters – I guess they might think I am naturally blond?!?

During the afternoon I have the most powerful meditation with Punnu and when he goes around to place his hands on everyone’s head, I feel heat and suddenly I am sobbing and I have no idea why. I actually cannot stop crying, but leave full of love in a calm and happy state as I leave. I need to let go! Punnu is amazing!

I dry up my tears – time for birthday drinks with Silke …. green smoothies with Chia seeds and then we are off to Woman’s Balance Yoga with Tina, which is apparently working against PMS and menopause sympthoms…. well, I had a hot flash during the last exercise, but who knows 😉 The class was amazing though and as the upper studio in the Yoga Barn is open to all sides we feel like floating in the sunset!

I can be quite unlovable lately, as I am still very emotional, sensitive and complicated, but my friends are very tolerant with me! Thank you for that – especially Silke on her birthday, but also Conny, Simone, Hannah, Maja and all the others for endless chats during sleepless nights, long phone calls, many coffee chats and always listening to me and being there for me no matter how crazy the non-sense is I talk about …. I know I am more on a receiving then a giving end 😘 I look forward to being myself again, but I think I am on a good way and I feel day by day improvements – Bali was the best decision ever….. and I will be a better friend to all of you in the future!

As we jump into the pool before dinner, heaven opens and a tropical shower makes it an amazing experience, before an ‚enchanted‘ birthday dinner at Mama Warung, a local Balinese restaurant next to a little temple, where a ceremony is being held…. I feel like I am in a movie with all the bells ringing – what a magic experience🙏

One funny thing about Ubud is that every restaurant closes at 10pm – we really hurry, but don’t make it before 9pm and decide to go for birthday drinks somewhere else, but the bars are closed as well – guess the yogis are not the best late night customers and we end up with beers from the kiosk and birthday cake on our terrasse once again 😉

Beteilige dich an der Unterhaltung

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  1. My dear Alex, don’t even think for a moment that you are not giving or not giving enough. Your blog is such a great read and I always enjoy reading it and that is giving me a lot of joy. Please do not think about giving or receiving, we are friends and that is the most important and that is what counts. Enjoy Bali and relax and enjoy all your spiritual an interesting yoga experiences. I look forward to hearing from you personally

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