21 February 2018

Ommmm…. this is our spiritual awakening day!

We start with Yin Yoga with Denise. This is now our daily must have…. you simply lay there and place tennis balls and other props to work on your fascias. Half an hour later is crystal bowl meditation. „Don’t you think it’s too much?“ Silke worries, but since you only lay on your back and listen – it is a bit like a siesta and last time someone was even snoring 😉 Off we go to Shervin and his bowls and it is very relaxing! Crystal bowls are despite what one might think, apparently a waste product from micro chip producers in Silicone Valley. Someone notices in the 70s the sounds coming from the dumpsters and came up with the idea 😂

We only have time to quickly have a smoothie and call home before Levi welcomes us to his Sharmanic Breathwork session….. and what a breathtaking experience it is….no worries, I am too much a head person to have an outer or inner body experience, but shortly after the music starts, there is screaming and crying, which takes my concentration a little bit away from my breathing. After a while my hands start tickling though, then my arms, my face and my whole head – it is hot and I do not think that it is another hot flash 😉 I shake a bit and I cry and continue to concentrate on the breath ….. Silke and I hug at the end and I am so happy that we are sharing these experiences. It is time to let all the tension go, the months with chemo and the worries….No worries, Torsten, your wife is ok and will meet you on Tuesday in Bangkok as planned 🙏

We relax in the Yoga Barn restaurant, while it starts to rain heavily and chats with Merlin from Sweden. It is already dark by the time the rain calms down a bit …. well, that is what we thought. Just walking to the main road, we are drenched, the streets turn into rivers and there is thunder and lightning …. we told Merlin that it never rains for long periods…. hmmm….. we go to the Ubud Aura Retreat Center, which is right next door to the Yoga Barn, to book a room for the rest of our stay and decide to take a taxi home. It continues to rain cats and dogs, while we sit on our terrace.

We planned an early night anyway, as we are being picked up at 5:50 am tomorrow morning to…. hold your breath….. visit a temple with Balinese cleansing and healing 😜 as promised we are having the full enchilada! Watch this space for some more spiritual enlightenment 😉

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