22 February 2018

My insurance company is incredible…. now I received a letter that they are cutting my sick benefits 1st-6th February, because my sick notice for the period 1st-28th February was isses only on the 6th?!!? Thank you – funnily enough this was never an issue in the past 😉 I sent them an email objecting, but do I care?!?! Not a bit….

Spiritual healing continues… off we go to a temple for a cleansing ritual and our little group is amazing! There is Anya from Russia, who survived breast cancer when she was only 24 and actually praises the anti hormon therapy?!?!? Chris from New Jersey, who had testicular cancer 14 years ago amazes me. He is my age and was part of the 5% where the cancer treatment did not work, but finally beat it, became addicted to his post cancer drugs and ending up with an heroin addiction and being in jail for bank robbery. Despite the drugs being available in jail, he managed to quit them and started training his body. He has completely sorted out his life and even quit smoking and alcohol…. this guy is an inspiration and I hope that he will find the time to write a book!

We all go to see a Shaman afterwards and I really don’t know, if I had any intentions, but I leave with homework! I shall meditate more and she gives me two mantras for healing, while she praises my good intuition…. hmmm!

Well, I am such good girl that we go straight to the Yoga Barn for Sound Healing with Punnu, where I think I actually dosed off a little bit, but this was a long day already. It is raining again, but we are off for a swim and then go to the real world for dinner 🙏

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