23 February 2018

From day to day I am regaining strength physically and mentally. When I left Germany I was too exhausted to even start arguing with my insurance company, but today is the last day to object to the cutting of all my benefits and I feel strong enough to write two letters. Whatever the outcome, I did not surrender without making my point!

Today, we try Gentle Yoga – very calming and relaxing – and afterwards sit in a corner of the Yoga Barn Café like Stadler & Waldorf watching people pass by, I speak to the kids and simply rest & relax before meditation with Punnu 🙏

As we leave there is a queue forming and ropes have been put in place. We wonder what it is for …. “Ecstatic Dance – it is really popular and people start queuing about three hours in advance, then get tickets an hour beforehand…. it is super popular!” a skinny American girl informs us! “Excellent! Let’s go to the cafe – the WiFi will be much faster, if everyone is queuing” is Silke’s conclusion and since I have a crown massage (head, neck & shoulder) lined up, this is what we do 😂

OMG – why did I not think about this earlier?!? Having a head massage without hair is the best ever …. and I think Ani, the masseuse, is equally happy to massage without hair, as I am to not face any pulling of my hair 😉 Additionally this Ayurvedic treatment with hibiscus flower paste, which stays for a while under a banana leave on my head, will probably support my hair growth tremendously 😀

There is very heavy rain, while I enjoy this heavenly treatment under a roof in the nature and I shortly wonder, if the ecstatic dancers are still queuing?!?

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