24 February 2018

The Balinese people are simply amazing – we receive so much kindness, happiness and love, while they spread a feeling of calm and peacefulness! I love them!

After a change to the Ubud Aura resort – I am still in awe by the German efficiency we seem to have in us, being at the new hotel by 9am with swimming, packing and breakfast – we give Beginners Tai Chi with Dave a try (very interesting), followed by meditation with Greg with the calmest sonorous voice, I could have listened to forever…..it rains heavily during the entire meditation and it is the most beautiful atmosphere. We hang out in the cafe, make inspiring acquaintances, have vegan food and chill until restorative yoga with Carin….

I love my hairgrowth and am touching my head all day long…. by the end of the week I can probably braid it 🤗 Go and grow grow grow and why are my lashes and brows are not growing yet?!? Come on …. 😉

It is wonderful to live next to the Yoga Barn – no more being drenched while walking home and I can rest in between classes and don’t have to be all the time in the Yoga Barn Café 😉

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