25 February 2018

The metastasis on my head turned out to be a mosquito bite. I am not the type to panic, but these thoughts do arise whenever something feels weird and I am sure it will always be like this in the future, as the necessary caution is something that goes hand in hand with a little bit of fear.

Ubud has two sides to it …. there is the quiet street on one side of the Yoga Barn, where we used to live until yesterday, with the little temple like house entrances, which are typical for Bali, the smell of incence from the little offerings placed in front of every small shops, temple, restaurant and shrine gives it a magic feel, while school kids, vendors and local salesmen smile at you and spread this calm and yet cheerful vibe. The Ubud Aura Retreat Center, which is a savaged temple like little gem from a different world in the narrow alleyway that leads from the Yoga Barn to the Main Street, perfectly fits into this feel.

Entering the Main Street, a whole different world emerges with larger restaurants, massive hotels, bars, tourist services, supermarkets, 24h kiosks all squeezed next to each other – vibrant, flashy, busy and noisy and more of a tourist hot spot than our little peaceful heaven. Police jump on the street whistling and waving, stopping the traffic for us to cross. We decided to skip restorative yoga and hit the party mile for a Saturday night out, but it isn’t a big night and we rather stay in our little magic world off the main road 😉

„It’s really cold today!“ I look at Silke in awe…. and she adds „only 26 degrees!“ 😂 Sunday – a hazy day to rest and relax with swimming, breakfast and massage is on the agenda …. there is Pranayama with Greg at 9:15, but chilling on our mansion like balcony overlooking the pool beats Mr Charisma …. sorry – we will join you and Punnu tonight for Kirtan 🤗

I almost shaved my head again today, as the hair on top of my head it not keeping up with the growth on the sides and I am afraid I will have a chaplet, but I decided that I can always go for a combover, if the sides continue at this speed 😉

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