26 February 2018

„Are you sisters?!?“ ….very single day – even the suggestion that we are twins comes up a few times…. I know Silke for 26 year and we were never ever considered sisters 😂 maybe soul sister?!?

I took my nail polish off my toes yesterday and what a sad picture it was…. they are white, yellow and black and I almost took them off all together when removing the nail polish, as they literally are hanging on one threat…. Despite the fact that I cannot wear flip flops with these nails, I repaint them and realize that the nail polish acts like glue! Finger crossed that it helps them to hang in there just a little bit longer until my new toe nails have grown fully underneath, please 🙏 I am grateful for my weirdly shaped fingernails though – at least they seem to stay in place and the bumps and colours are growing out quite nicely 😉

It is Silke’s last full day here and we take it easy – no 7:30 Kundalini Yoga with Greg! We swim and go to Yin Yoga with Levi and then plan to go to Crystal Bowls Meditation, but it is cancelled, as only the bowls are there, but nobody to replace Shervin…. Instead we have inspirational conversations at the Café – what a magic melting pot. The people come from all over the world and everyone is on a little journey and carries a little package! Everyone shares stories of broken hearts, traumas and tragedies and the positive that comes out of it. They are stories of people, who follow their hearts ❤️ My cancer story fits in quite nicely 😉😂

We let it all sink in while meditating with Punnu. It is a beautiful meditation today and I only shed a few tears and am happy and peaceful.

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