27 February 2018

It is 8.00 am and we are at Vinyasa Slow with Murni during which I actually start crying and actually have to pause, as it is too much for me before breakfast, but I did at least a bit. Somehow my emotions start flowing out and somehow I hope that this is a sign of letting go the worries and troubles of the past months. After our morning routine with swimming and breakfast, Silke and I are parting. She is going to the airport to meet her husband in Bangkok and I am going to a Balian – one of the local healers/ helpers.

What an experience….I go this temple outside Ubud where the healer lives. Made is there to translate and after a lot of praying, an offering and talking, I have to lay on my back between Made and the healer. He puts holy water on different parts of my body, spits in between and presses his finger (or is it a stick?) deep into different points in my body. It hurts, but they hold me down and I have to breath deeply, while he keeps pressing. Afterwards we go outside and he rinses my head with holy water (thank god I have no hair) and I have to wash my face, chest and boobs with it. I cannot say that I feel different, but I guess it does not do any harm and there is a bit of crying again. I get a little meditation homework to take home and feel quite exhausted and have a very quick rest in my new room.

I miss Silke, but see Punnu for meditation, which is very unspectacular today, but I think my account for emotional experiences is simply full 😉 straight to Yin Yoga with Eka, which is amazingly calming, quick dinner at the Café and I am off to the Tibetan Bowl Meditation tonight 🙏

Hair update – there is fine fluff growing on my legs and arms…. and funnily also on my hands and throat 🙄

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