28 February 2018

It was a wonderful atmosphere last night with candles only in the upper studio, which is open to all sides letting the subtle noises of the jungle mingle with the singing of the Tibetan bowls. Peaceful and beautiful, but all these bowls ringing did not help me sleep well. Maybe the day was spiritually a bit overloaded 😉

Camilla and I make our promise though and meet Greg for Kundalini Yoga at 7:30 and it is beautiful …. swimming, breakfast with what has become my little gang, and today I finally go to the market – with Made on his moped, as it is too hot today. All of Ubud is preparing for Friday, when the royal cremation is taking place and there is the smell of intense everywhere with an atmosphere of equally calm and excitement.

Shamanic Breathwork is unspectacular today, but I cry when it is finished…. I actually might have dosed off in between 😉 let’s see how Sound Medicine will go tonight….🙏 if this all does not help my emotional turmoil I don’t know what will 😂, but somehow I hope that the chemo drugs are slowly leaving my body.

I have figured out what is happening on my head. It is the density of my hair on top of my head that is less than on the sides…. shall I shave it off again? Trim it until the density is the same the the sides? Maybe I always had less hair on top of my head?!? The combover is unfortunately no longer possible though 🤔

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