1 March 2018

Sound Medicine is a combination of different breathing techniques, mantra singing and listening to music. Leaving I am tired beyond belief and despite all efforts, cannot stay awake until the kids are home from Kindergarten…. but they have a bedtime story and a video waiting.

It is almost full moon, but I sleep like a baby until it is time to see David for an early morning Qi Gong, which is amazing. The Yoda Studio is a little straw hut right next to a pont with sea lillies and a little rice patch and the exercises are slow and smooth and calmly wake up my mind and body while the rolling of the river, which passes by is rounding up this wonderful experience.

I actually meet some more cancer survivors during my trip and it is interesting how everyone has a cancer story…. this one is Margarete’s – she had a double mastectomy and yet got breast cancer in the same spot ten years later, which I did not know was even possible!

To complete my healing journey, I am seeing a kinesiologist today, which makes it a somewhat busy morning, but worth the while. Theodora lives outside of Ubud in the middle of some rice fields and we talk a lot, sitting on her terrace while the humming birds fly in and out of the trees surrounding her little house. I have to lay on a bench and she presses my arm. The things she tells me are nice and interesting and guess what – I need to meditate more 🙄

Since I am leaving tomorrow, I want to do as much as I can: Yoga Massage, where I definitely enjoyed the receiving more than the giving, Sound Healing with Punnu, which is very relaxing, as we just listen to Punnu and his gang playing and singing and Restorative Yoga with Tina, which is a pure bliss with only about four asanas in 90 minutes and mindfulness guidance as we rest in the poses….

I skip Yin Yoga though, as I need to eat something and a quick swim ….. but I am happy!

Ubud is happy celebrating full moon and offerings are piled up outside our hotel and everyone is dressed up. The joy and pride are contagious and we hit the town for a final evening out. There is singing and laughing coming from the temples as we walk up the main road. I feel so familiar now with the people, the traffic and easily find my way around this little city, which I am so fond of.

It was the best decision to come here and I go back stronger and with many happy memories to help me through the next challenges ahead of me. Apart from looking forward to seeing my kids, I don’t want to leave, but will make sure to come back soon – apparently in June it is really quiet here and you get good deals 😉

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