15 February 2018

Smooth travels for the handicapped 😉 I get an electric car to the gate – the last time I had the pleasure was in Dubai, when we were so late for our flight (I mixed up the time) that they drove us with one of these cars in order to have a chance at all to make it with two kids and a buggy – and since Leo wanted the ride one the minute he first saw one, it kind of taught him the wrong lesson, but he probably forgot by now 😉

I treat myself to a little massage prior to boarding and the gate is empty when I get back, but all is good! As I go past the upper classes, I am a bit jaleous, as I could do with a proper bed, but being super tired, I will probably dose off 😴 a cheeky wee wine helps – just half a glass!

I pre-ordered an Indian vegetarian – thanks Suse for the tip – and it is one of the best airline meals I ever had…. and I had quite few! I will try to eat no sweets from now on…but they serve Häagen-Dazs icecream 😜 …. I ate a lot of sugar lately and now with no chemo, this does not feel right. I have the urge for sour wine gum, but really this is not about sugar and Bali will help me to calm down and rest and somehow eliminate the use of sugar as a power device 😉

Being escorted in Singapore is fabulous, but why do I have to sit in a wheelchair?!? Well, whatever – smooth ride to the taxi and off I go to the Mandarin Oriental, where Hera is staying …. problem, she will only arrive in five hours. No problem for me – I find the restrooms and get scared. This face looking back from the mirrow is an old man and I really want my eyelashes back now, but it is not only that I want my power back and my eyebrows and I did shave my head again before my flight and it is finally time for even hair growth and I want my body back (though the Physio lady said I was less fat now 😉) and my face is still blown up ….. ok, that does not help! I clean myself up, put a dress on, paint what is left of my toe nails and hit the road.

The Chinese New Year Festival is just on the opposite side of the road along the waterfront and I am fit enough for a scroll while the sun is setting and it is amazingly beautiful! I sit for ages at the waterfront, breath the warm air – it reminds me of my time at sea – and I realize that I have not been to Singapore forever! I have dinner at a rooftop bar and a virgin mojito, as it starts to rain again, but there is music and I am happy that I can be here! Happy Chinese New Year!

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