26 November 2018

Autumn is gone… it is wet, grey, misty and melancholy is ascending…. I need jolly Christmas music, Glühwein, cookies and Christmas markets…. bring it on.

A year ago I was with pneumonia in hospital one day after my company’s Christmas bash , lonely and sad and forced to calm down and face my feelings. It was a sad time, but it made me stronger… this all makes me stronger!

One year on, history is not repeating itself…. there were dreadful cancer news and one of my closest friends hurt me today, but this time I am strong enough to not let it drag me down! Everyone has their little package….I am busy enough carrying my own and therefore I am diving into the annual cookie baking bash with my cousin and her kids…. but one thing is sure: cancer – I hate you and all your unfairness!

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