25 November 2018

Yesterday Blogger4Charity officially opened their first office…. it was a small crowd, but the rooms were filled with all these heart people!

Supporting this charity – initiated by Natalie – is a heartfelt matter, as there is not only full commitment to raise awareness for cancer and make people look after themselves, but so much love and attention to detail, which flow into each initiative. They organise events to raise money, they support DKMS LIFE and the German Youth Cancer Trust, run their own patient projects, support & motivate and even plan a festival next summer!

They afternoon was filled with love and happiness and the musical performance by Constanze, Alicia & Noel was breathtaking. I had to cry, as they sang „This is me„, which has become the anthem of Blogger4Charity and brings back the memories and emotions from the first event I attended in Düsseldorf…. the love, the tears and the bond between us cancer patients and all the #Blogger4Charitycrew .. and then there is always Kim, 30, who passed away on New Year’s Day. Kim inspired Natalie, who is a cancer survivor herself, to start Blogger4Charity …. I first heard about her the day she past away, but the sudden death of this young, positive and inspiring woman shattered my little cancer world. Check out the Blogger4Charity film and you will understand and see the magic….I dry my tears and am thankful for these people and connections ❤️

And now they have a little space exclusive to Blogger4Charity! Go and check them out!

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