27 November 2018

It’s ok not to be ok, but you need to know how to pick yourself up again…. two bottles of wine and a great evening with friends are my remedy…. I know that I am enough, lovable and unique – I do it my way, will continue to love unconditionally, will continue to believe in the good nature of people and will only do what I want. Nobody can take that away from me!

This morning is me time… I am tired and my head is super heavy (now, that wasn’t a big surprise… today I feel my age… a bit 😉).

Starting at lunchtime, I need to see the podologist, take my kids to the hairdresser, which always seem to be a massive drama, when both go…. and I still need to break the news to Mia that my haircut is not what she is getting today… We will skip Leo’s kids gymnastics, as tonight is my company’s Christmas bash, which I can only join during the warm-up, as I signed up for a special goose dinner with the Sauerland bunch, who I probably have not seen for six month.

Tomorrow will be calm again, but I am planning my first Christmas market visit 🤔

Enjoy that special time of the year and if you love someone, say it…. spread the love without thinking about reactions, consequences or rejection! Do something nice for someone else without expectations! ❤️ It makes you vulnerable, yes, but if we always try not to get hurt, we don’t go anywhere….

Beteilige dich an der Unterhaltung

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