21 November 2018

Yes it was a relaxing day until I changed my bandaged and decided to get the finger checked out again and was sent to ER... two hours and a new splint later I am good to go and rushing to kindergarten ....

20 November 2018

I am having an admin nightmare.... my pension funds are being reviewed starting way back in the 90s.... my rehab is an administration nightmare and chances are next to nothing that I can go to St. Peter Ording with Paula ­čśó and I am working with my insurance company to get the extra payments waived... Continue Reading →

19 November 2018

My psychological onchologist tells me that I do too much and I should stop comparing my new normal to my old normal..... hmmm.... I am in bed by 8pm most of the nights, hardly go out, reduced my coffee dates to a minimum, but feel that if I further reduce it, I do nothing else... Continue Reading →

18 November 2018

I have a quiet and easy morning, a long breakfast, read the paper - I think I have not done this for at least a year... I check out, sit in the lobby in the sun, read, write - enjoy the moment! Art D├╝sseldorf?!? No, I prefer my own company, can let my mind wander....... Continue Reading →

17 November 2018

Time out - me time.... I am in D├╝sseldorf redeeming a voucher my colleagues gave to me - one night in the Radisson Blu Media Habour and I love it! I kind of did not want to be without the kids, but now that I am here, all is fine... I browse through the city,... Continue Reading →

16 November 2018

Hello normality - the aftermaths of my admin marathon diminish during the morning hours, when I have my last calls for now... the rest can wait until next week! Coffee date with Andrea and Sibel, errands, a trim at CUT and a very quick lunch with Maja before I quickly pick up the kids from... Continue Reading →

15 November 2018

I am back on coffee date therapy and spend a lovely morning with Nina, but embedded in an admin chaos. Two chemobrains want to go to Rehab in January and since we discussed two location, I apply for one and Paula for the other one. I can still correct it, but now the confusion starts...... Continue Reading →

14 November 2018

Yesterday was a normal day.... no cancer, no busy.... just me and normal things... IKEA, kids gym, St. Martins procession with brass music, tears, happy kids and a gathering with kindergarten friends, parents and Gl├╝hwein lifts my heart. This morning it's "hello cancer fatigue", but after Av├Ęne, I have some days again that I wake... Continue Reading →

12 November 2018

#loveyourselfmore - today is me day.... music therapy, psychologist, manicure due to the fact that cutting nails is not one of my best one armed skills, free head and scalp massage, I buy myself a pot of flowers for the balcony and some clothes .... without trying them on... and a Poke bowl! I started... Continue Reading →

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