14 November 2018

Yesterday was a normal day…. no cancer, no busy…. just me and normal things… IKEA, kids gym, St. Martins procession with brass music, tears, happy kids and a gathering with kindergarten friends, parents and Glühwein lifts my heart.

This morning it’s „hello cancer fatigue“, but after Avène, I have some days again that I wake up and don’t feel that I just finished a marathon or did not sleep at all…. and that is something that I did not feel since starting radiation in June and it is wonderful… my body can still do normal and hopefully fatigue will diminish or rather stop being my new normal!

Update on my body hair – no hairs legs or arm pits and the fluff in my face, on my hands, feet, arms is slowly disappearing. I will enjoy every moment of not shaving my legs, as I learned that it comes back after a few years…. it is a wonderful advantage though 😉

Today I am back in my cancer routine…:gynaecologist, oncologist, forms, paperwork, running around, but you know what?!? Chemo cycle 8/8 ist starting tomorrow 🎉

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