18 November 2018

I have a quiet and easy morning, a long breakfast, read the paper – I think I have not done this for at least a year… I check out, sit in the lobby in the sun, read, write – enjoy the moment!

Art Düsseldorf?!? No, I prefer my own company, can let my mind wander…. I see a Drive Now convertible parked outside the hotel and drive home instead of taking the train…. because I can do anything I want!

This cancer journey has so far been the most intensive experience ever. I am getting to know myself more and more and discover new sides, a more mindful me and see that there is so much more I want to do – and I meditate again – finally! I just needed this little time out more than I though! Thank you HRG colleagues – you are the best!!

Back in my family life, I drop off Leo at a birthday bash and have an ice cream with Mia and Markus, but my finger is throbbing since Friday and swollen and somehow I am a bit weak…. I leave them st the playground and ride my bike home to rest…. I am knackered! But why?!? Probably my cancer fatigue knocking on my door again 😉… oh whatever!

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