16 November 2018

Hello normality – the aftermaths of my admin marathon diminish during the morning hours, when I have my last calls for now… the rest can wait until next week!

Coffee date with Andrea and Sibel, errands, a trim at CUT and a very quick lunch with Maja before I quickly pick up the kids from Kibdergarten, literally through them with our household aid into the tram and return to Kindergarten for a meeting regarding Mia’s start in this institution this summer. It is all normal and I love it…. but I am slightly out of breath 😉

The highlight this week is the little splint around my finger, which I will keep for 5 weeks now, but which makes life sooo much easier than the massive bandages ….

I am happy and relieved when the Kindergarten teacher says that all is ok, Mia is doing well and my fear that the past year somehow left a trauma was workout any reason…. naturally, as they would have told me, if something was wrong, but I always worry about my children, try for their day to be normal, make sure they have their routines and a lot of Mummy time, love, cuddles and attention, while giving them enough freedom. I don’t want to spoil them, but I feel that I give in more easily at times, spoil them a bit more and I am relieved that to this point they freely talk about my cancer, don’t pay it too much attention, but accept it as a normal part of our life.

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