4 April 2018

Mia’s Kindergarten is closed all week and she is going for a little wellness trip to my parents until Sunday… bless!

I am seeing another psycho oncologist today – I wonder if I get frequent traveler points 😉 Dr. Multhaupt is really nice and I talk a lot and it is nice to see her regularly until I have a ‚permanent‘ psycho oncologist. I should do a little ranking, as she is the fourth one already and Friday I will see number five for a „see-if-cancer-girl-really-needs-a-music-therapy“… 😂

While I pack my things this morning I scroll through the tumor conference minutes…. they suspected metastasis in my lymph knots prior to their removal?!?! There were several little tumors left in my breast prior to the last operation and the initial tumor was 2,7cm? I will not think about it until Prof. Dr. Breidenbach has explained the outcome in more detail!

I pick up Leo and we visit CUT for a trim – Leo obviously, as his hair is really long and he can barely see anything …. but I wonder, when I can go to the hairdressers again…. I really look forward to it – or shall I try a barber?!?

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